Why Code Red Caper?

Scavenger hunts are a fun and exciting way to team build. In order to succeed, teams must communicate and strategize as they compete with other teams to solve clues. The use of limousines adds to the fun, and allows the teams to concentrate on the clues, rather than getting bogged down in focusing on driving or traffic. Nonprofit organizations can utilize Code Red Caper as a unique fundraising event to set them apart from the typical luncheons and galas.

Who Might Benefit from Code Red Caper?

  1. Companies interested in a team building exercise for employees.

  2. Companies looking to entertain clients or suppliers.

  3. Companies introducing a new product to sales representatives.

  4. Meetings, conferences or trade shows in search of a diversion activity for attendees.

  5. Nonprofit organizations seeking a unique and exciting fundraising event.

  6. Individuals searching for something different to celebrate a milestone birthday, anniversary or other special occasion.

What Benefits Might My Company or Group Expect from Code Red Caper?

  1. Encourages teamwork in a competitive environment.

  2. Builds trust among team members.

  3. Provides a safe environment for quick decision making, allowing teams to learn from their mistakes and successes.

  4. Stimulates creative and out-of-the-box thinking.

  5. Strengthens relationships by learning more about each other outside of the office.

  6. Particularly for the nonprofit fundraiser, repeat participation. Attendees enjoy the friendly competition and look forward to new clues year after year!

Where does Code Red Caper Happen?

The start/finish venue can be your own place of business or other location of your choice. Approximately 6 clue sites will be determined that are geographically appropriate to the start/finish venue. Clue sites will be chosen to minimize drive time, allowing for maximum time at each location to solve clues. Bonus clues will be given in the limousines to keep teams engaged between clue sites.

How Long is Code Red Caper?

The actual hunt time in the limo is usually 3 hours. You will need about 30 minutes beforehand to go over the rules and present the first clue, which will help generate a natural staggered start time. Teams must go to the clue sites in the order they are assigned, so as not to create a bottleneck at any given site. At the end, there will need to be approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours to grade the score sheets, determine winners and award prizes. Providing lunch or dinner during this time helps keep participants engaged. In the case of a nonprofit fundraiser, a silent or live auction works well during this time. Recommended total time is 5-6 hours. Corporate events can be pared down to 3-4 hours from start to finish.

Who Provides the Prizes?

You provide the prizes. We have found that it is primarily about the bragging rights, but small token prizes and/or award certificates are good. Companies can also consider giving time off or other perks to the winning team(s). You may want to consider various levels of competition, particularly for the nonprofit fundraiser (that way you can offer more benefits at different levels and charge participants accordingly).

How Much Will Code Red Caper Cost?

Each Code Red Caper is unique and will be designed to fit your needs, thus priced individually. Location, group size and travel arrangements are among the variables which will factor into the final costs. Additionally, the limousine rental costs can be estimated at approximately $50 per person, based on eight members per team. This may vary depending on what market the event is taking place.