A Zany Limousine Scavenger Hunt

Code Red Caper is a zany limousine scavenger hunt, unlike any other event you have participated in. It’s not about figuring out where you are going or retrieving an item when you get there, but instead solving puzzling clues which might be physical or mental in nature. Teams of up to eight participants solve clues and accumulate points along the way with the winners determined at the end.

Team Building at Its Best

This is team building at its best in a very fun and competitive environment. Team captains are given a hint sheet ahead of time and are encouraged to meet with their team to figure out what some of the hints might be referring to. This may require some simple research on the internet and will help to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle at the various clue sites.

A Unique Event

Whether you are looking for a unique team building exercise for your company or a fundraising event for your group which will set you apart from the typical luncheons and cocktail galas, Code Red Caper is the answer.

Spirit of Competition

To further promote the spirit of competition, teams are encouraged to dress in costumes or team shirts. This also adds to the festive environment and creative experience. Clues are varied in nature to give all participants a chance of contributing to their solutions. Clues are the right degree of difficulty to challenge participants, but not too hard to be frustrating.

Renting Limousines Not in Your Budget?

Code Red Caper can be structured for participants to use their own vehicles to keep costs down. Remember, the event is about accumulating points along the way, rather than who finishes first. Therefore, there is no incentive to speed from site to site. Winning is mostly about bragging rights, but token gifts are a good idea for winning teams - the gifts do not have to be anything extravagant. We have found that gift certificates (for restaurants, movie theaters, movie rentals, coffee, smoothies and car washes), candles, CDs and t-shirts all work well.

Solving the Case

When teams return from the scavenger hunt, there will be some downtime while the answer sheets are being scored. A buffet dinner (and/or live auction for a fundraising event) works well to fill this time. Also, the more prizes you can award the better. Consider giving prizes for best team costume and best team shirt. You can also award prizes to the team with best score at each individual clue site. The more teams you can recognize with a prize, the more overall fun for everyone.