Our Code Red Caper was beyond comparison. It was like being on “The Amazing Race” only BETTER. We traveled to venues we’d never been before in Los Angeles and stretched our imaginations in very unique ways. As an organizer, Al crafted an ingenious scavenger hunt to perfectly fit my group’s interests. From mining 70’s TV shows in a vast rose garden to a mind-bending 80’s-inspired “Name that Tune” on Hollywood Blvd, my guests were engaged AND thoroughly entertained throughout. The fun and spirit of the adventure brought a great sense of camaraderie to our group that continued well after the event. Code Red Caper is a once in a lifetime experience...one you should never miss!
— Chris Applebaum - Television Commercial & Music Video Producer
And you thought Clue was fun? Code Red Caper makes you a super-sleuth and provides lots of laughs along the way! It’s a party on wheels and you’ll burn calories while chasing clues. What more can a girl ask for?
— Jan Strimple - Model, Producer and Columnist
The excitement of Code Red Caper started well before the hunt for our team. We enjoyed getting together ahead of time to strategize, select a clever name for our team (The 7 Nancy Drews and 1 Hardy Boy) and design fun team shirts. We really got to know our team members better...Great experience! Very Challenging!
— Cara Tutton - Nokia, Inc.
I had no idea what to expect, and I certainly did not expect to have so much fun! I can’t remember when I have laughed this much. Our team truly got into the competitive spirit, even bringing a wireless laptop with us for an advantage over other teams. The clues, however, were very creative and challenging, and I’m not sure having internet access helped us that much!
— Clay Thompson - Regional Vice President, JPI
Code Red Caper was great! It’s a perfect mix of brain teasers and physical challenges, but most of all fun! Our team couldn’t wait to participate the second year.
— Pat Martin - Publisher, People Newspapers
Code Red Caper was truly one of the most fun events I have ever had the pleasure of attending. The very concept is not only unique but a great way to enjoy time with family, friends and co-workers. The event is a wonderful day of amusement and high energy excitement, while raising money for a great cause. I cannot stop talking about the event, and I cannot wait until next year’s Code Red Caper!
— Brian Matthews - WFAA Television/ABC
We had a blast! We were ready to sign up for next year before we left the first Code Red Caper!!! It was ORIGINAL, not stuffy but FUN, challenging & exciting...but most importantly - for a great cause!!!...where adults can act like kids to benefit kids..
— Kristina Bowman - Kristina Bowman Photography
A clever, fast-paced adventure that had our team laughing all the way to the finish line. And for a great cause! We are proud to participate in this lively event.
— Alden Clanahan - Sr. Director of Special Events, Dallas Market Center
Code Red Caper was a great experience for me. I was relatively naive as to how the event would be executed, but I was absolutely blown away by everything. The event was extremely organized and the clues were extremely well thought out. Kudos to all involved - you truly outdid yourselves! We can’t wait to do it again.
— Duane Code - Director of Sales & Service, Aetna, Inc.